Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Has Begun

Written 9/2/2010

The first snowfall comes down upon the cold ground:

white flakes hitting the ground and making a thin white layer on the concrete.

Think of the smell of winter, the cinnamon in the hot apple cider,

the mittens on children running around building snowmen.

Imagine the sleigh rides you can take at the winter carnival,

the ice sculptures perfect and frozen as you walk by enjoying the art of them.

Even the rosy pink cheeks of people walking by gives you a smile on your face,

their heads poking out of their puffy coats and thick winter hats.

The cars stuck in the mounds of snow that cover them after a storm,

the tire tracks left in the parking lots after snow has fallen,

the sound that the snow makes as it crinkles under your boot

when your walking, the feeling of the flakes as they fall on your face

as you look at the sky, white clouds, frozen water, falling

right before your eyes.

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