Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Imagine If


Imagine if you were able to fly.
As free as a bird, your wings taking
flight to anywhere you want to go.
You could feel the wind on your face,
clouds just above you, sun shinning.

Imagine if you had fins, like a fish
or a mermaid and you lived underwater.
You could eat seaweed or fish
and your hands wouldn’t prune after
being in for too long.

Imagine you were a flower
Just shedding your beaty to the world
hoping for rain when your thirsty and
soaking up the sun. What if you
could pick which one you were.

Imagine if you weren’t you,
and you could be who you wanted,
where you wanted, with not a care
in the world but that moment.
It’s fun to imagine, huh?

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