Friday, December 5, 2008


My friend Cass gave me ten words: betrayal, trust, emotion, life, beauty, music, friends, confusion, conclusion, and love

With those words i made this poem for her:

Life is full of emotion,
I have my wonderful friends,
my love of music,
and of course the confusion of how things will turn out,
But there is so much love in my life, beauty all around me,
and though betrayal is just around the corner I have trust in those I love.
So I come to one conclusion, that I love life, and cant wait to see what can happen.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Something New

I know that life is supposed to go on,
but i can't help but think of my past.

The tears well up in my eyes as the thoughts run through my mind,
what can i do about them, they seem to forever last.

the love i once felt in my heart,
the people it once belonged to left them so fast.

why does it still hurt me so,
i want the pain to go away but that old feeling to last.

I liked the love i felt in my heart, that feeling,
but i have to let it all go somehow leave it in my past.

So that i can go on,
and this years love can start, something to last.


Sometimes i feel like i just want to cry
sometimes i wish that i would die,

i know how people feel but do i feel the same
sometimes i feel like everything i do is lame,

i sit and listen to the music around me
not looking at the images that surround me,

i dont even hear the people speaking in my ear
i just wish for that one special person to be near,

when this happens which may be a while
i will laugh and i will smile,

for then i will not have these feelings anymore
i can walk right out of it, right out the door.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Crazy things that happen

Life can work in crazy ways at times.
You meet someone and don't know what kind of effect that they will have on your life.
After you talk to them for a bit it's like you can never get enough of it.
It's like each moment in the day that they are not around you are missing them.
It seems as if there is no one else that you would rather talk to and you wish that
there were more hours in the day to spend on talking to them.

Life has changed and you never knew how much until you met this person. You haven't felt this way in a long time and you like the feeling and you don't want it to go away.
You are happy and you finally have a reason to be.
You have developed a love for this person in your heart and you are not really sure how to tell them.
You are not sure how to express the way that you feel without them being freaked out or thinking that you may scare them away.
You will find a way and this person will know how you feel.
This person will tell you how they feel and secretly you are hoping it is the same way.
You will know someday and may the happiness grow.
And they will know.
You know.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pour toi

I wrote a poem in french 1/26/08 and i thought i'de share it. Things sound so Romantic in French *sighs*

This is for my special someone:

Pour toi

J’ai un secret.
Est-ce que tu écoutes ?
Mon secret est que je t’aime.
Je pense à toi beaucoup,
Je pense à les choses que tu as dit,
Je pense à ta visage, Je pense à votre sourire.
Tu es jolie. Tu es élégante. Tu es le miroir de perfection.
Merci pour tout. Pense à moi si tu as une chance.


I have a secret.
Are you listening?
My secret is that i love you.
I think of you a lot,
I think of the things that you say,
I think about your face, I think about your smile.
You are beautiful, You are elegant, You are the mirror of Perfection.
Thank you for everything. Think of me if you get a chance.

Love This Friendship

I wrote a song last week about the friendship between me and one of my friends. He is good at writing things for the piano and he decided that we should write a song together. Here are the lyrics:

When I look back on the past, I see good times we’ve had,

And I’m hoping there will be so many more.

I know that time has past , but our friendship always seemed to last, I know it’s crazy,

But what we have is..

Chorus: Friendship, I love this friendship, the past is the past, but what we have is so so strong, Friendship our loving friendship, I don’t care what others think, I love this friendship..

You’ve always been there for me when I needed you the most and I know I can always count on you.

I try to be a friend to love, but sometimes I seem to push or shove the love we share too many different ways,

I’m here and if you need a friend just call my name and I’ll be glad to help you when you’re feeling sad or anytime because of our

Chorus: Friendship, I love this friendship, the past is the past, but what we have is so so strong, Friendship our loving friendship, I don’t care what others think, I love this friendship.

So many things have happened over time, but I know we can work things out. I’m here for you, you’re here for me, a friend that will be there in need and thank you for your love, yes thank you for thiiiiiiis love.

I love OUR

Chorus: Friendship, I love this friendship, the past is the past, but what we have is so so strong, Friendship our loving friendship, I don’t care what others think, I love this friendship..

Friendship, the past is the past, but what we have is so so strong, Friendship our loving friendship, I don’t care what others think, Oh I love this friendship..


Written 1/25/08

I can feel the teardrops on my cheeks,
the wetness from my eyes that flow down in streaks down my soft cheeks.

When im singing my favorite song, i feel the tears well up in my eyes ready to fall.

When i think of you, think of what my life has become i feel the tears in my eyes, tears of joy.

I love you and i hope that you know, when you see those tears they are asking you not to go.

I'm happy to have you here, these tears mean I love you.

Loving You

Written 1/23/08

These Butterflies in my tummy, can you feel them too?

The tears in my eyes, can you see them?

The big smile on my face when i see you.

That crazy thing you do that makes me feel complete.

I have never felt like this, and i am so happy that i have found someone that brings it to me.

Words cannot describe my feelings, but im sure you know,

that from now on i am Loving You.

I Miss

Written 1/13/08

I miss the sound of your voice and yet when the wind blows sometimes i swear i can hear it.

I miss your laughter from when i said something funny and sometimes if i think hard enough i can hear it in my head.

I miss your smile when you are happy and if i close my eyes i can still see it.

I miss our talks which were filled with so much happiness and so much fun,

I miss waking up and waiting for you, because now i know you may not be there.

I miss you in all the ways that i can imagine but in my heart you are still here, and i will be waiting.

Don't ever forget that.


Written 12/3/07

My head is pounding, I want this to end, I want it all to go away,
There is so much more to do and I’m sick of it,
Can you tell?

One more night, but I can make it, I think about you here with me,
It feels real almost as if you are really here with me, I can feel your presence.

This scares me but I know the truth, you are here.
Not next to me but in my heart. This feeling is so strong, I think I like it.

This may be something to live for, the feeling of being close with someone and to have someone to understand your feelings. Understand who you are and all of your flaws.

I am finally accepted. And I except who you are.
It has been like this the moment that I set my eye on you. The first time we spoke.
I remember I told you that I thought you were amazing and this still holds true.
You are too good to be true and that is why I love you.

So now the pounding in my head is gone, I am happy and feel good. Thanks Angel.

One Call Away

Written 12/3/07

I pick up the phone and listen,
No one is there.
I want to hear your voice, but all I hear is the dial tone.

I can imagine you sitting there, thinking and having fun,
I want to be there too.

A thought comes to my mind and I grab the phone once more,
I put it on my ear and listen.
Still the dial tone.

I take it from my ear and bring it down, I dial a number.
After a few rings you answer, you say hello but I am so stunned by your voice that I’m stuck and can’t say anything.
After a moment I say hello. I wait for your response but all I get is a laugh,
It makes me smile and I feel sudden happiness inside me.

After all those moments of missing you and wishing that I was with you, I finally did realize that you are only one call away.
So the next time that i get the feeling, I’ll just pick up the phone and dial that number.

I’ll look forward to hearing your voice, the one that makes me most happy, the most beautiful of all and it’s yours.

I Want You

Written 12/2/07

I want you.
here by my side
talking to me,
comforting me.

I want you.
loving me for the person i am now,
and not for the person that i used to be.

I want you.
because i think that you are wonderful,
and you are all i think about.

I want you.
you are my partner in crime,
you help me when im in need.

I want you.
your sweetness gives me butterflies,
my tummy feels funny.

I want you.
for who you are,
and not who you used to be.

I want you.
because you think im wonderful,
and you care about me.

I want you.
because you are you,
and i love you.

What is this?

Written 12/ 1/07

What is this feeling?
Why is it when i think about you i feel like im flying,
i feel as if anything is possible.

Why is it when we talk i feel over joyed and excited,
why do i miss you when im still with you.

What is this feeling?
I'm not too sure but i know i like it,
i know i want it to never end,
i am glad that you are in my life,
i am glad that you choose me.

What is this feeling?
I hope it lasts.
It feels so damn good.

I Love You

Written 12/1/07

Why is it that when i think about you i feel all warm inside,
When I look at you my heart skips a beat and it’s as if I can’t breathe,
How come when you’re gone I miss you so much,
When I’m sad I think about you and it makes me happy again,
When I talk to you, I never want to stop, it’s like I’m dreaming
and I never want the dream to end.

Your beauty is beyond words,
When I look at you I see an angel,
I see a light, one that makes my life brighter.
Now that I know you I cannot image living the rest of my life with you in it,
I can’t imagine not being able to talk to you and feel your joy.

I’m so thankful to have you in my life,
I hope that it stays that way; I hope that I can make you happy and make you laugh as you have done for me. I love you so much, never forget that.
Always remember the love, always the love, always the good times, always you.