Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Power of Duende

Written 1/10/12

At a concert you listen to a singer.
She sways as the words flow from her body,
You sit in your chair wondering where her
Passion comes from, what is this thing
That makes you feel the words she is singing.

At a museum you walk through the halls and
Stop at a painting,
This one really caught your eye, there is great
Detail and feeling in this paining, this gives you an
Idea of what the painter was trying to paint, what he felt.

At a reading, a poet reads his poem aloud,
The metaphors roll through your head and paint
A picture, they give you a feeling, you wonder how this
Poet could write something that could make you
Feel so deeply, by his words.

Could it be a muse? An Angel?
It must be Duende,
For there is no greater power.

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