Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Untitled

Written 1/9/2012

The fake needles scratch

the skin as you put the tree up.

The glitter ornaments shimmer

as you turn on the colored lights

for the first time this december.

Ornaments of different shapes and

sizes drape from the branches.

Presents start to stack under the

tree, different types of wrapping,

tags with many different names.

There's excitement and laughter as

you watch family open their gifts.

Ham with mashed potatoes, corn

and pumpkin pie fill the dinner

table, family talks while you eat,

When over and more time has

passed it's time to put t he past behind.

You pack up the ornaments, the

tinsel, the lights, and as the needles

scratch the skin one more time there

is a feeling of sadness.

For christmas time is gone,

But it will will come again next year.

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