Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Soft whispers fill a classroom,

something is coming,

the smell of corndogs cooking in the cafeteria,

the sound of the band playing down the hall.

A bang outside the room,

Mr. Feller looks out the glass of the door,

the hall is empty,

‘What’s that’ asked by a high pitched voice.

Something sweet fills the room,

it becomes cloudy and we cannot

- see what’ going on anymore

it’s like blindness all around.

We’re all down on the floor crawling,

‘what do we do’ someone asked,

no answer from Mr.Feller-

fear fills the room from the students.

A few minutes pass.

Mr.Feller clears his throat,

the room clears, all faces are seen again,

No voices are heard,

except Mr. Fellers soft whisper ‘what was that?’

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