Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Times

For Erin!

red light, green light
wah wah wah
Sugar plum, tasty cakes,
ha ha ha

texts sent to our phones
Oim thinking of summer
trunks full of signs and cones

Je t'aime mon BFF
et tu me manques beaucoup!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How I Love Thee, Let me count the ways

The way you laugh at my sense of humour,
The way you smile when i say I Love You,
The way you wrap your arms around me,
The way your lips feel when they touch mine,

How I Love Thee, Let me count the ways,
The way your hand fits in mine,
The way you care about my needs,
The way you say you love me,
The way your always yourself with out trying.
How I Love Thee, Let me count the ways.

My Perfection

Your eyes sparkle brighter than the stars in the sky,
Your smile is brighter than the sun at it's highest,
Your laugh is the sweetest music to my precious ears,
You are my perfection.

For You

For my baby!

Love is blinding, I can't see.
I feel alone but your right next to me.

When I awake you're the first one i see,
I can't help but smile.

I don't understand these feelings,
Why can't I control myself?

Love is blinding but I'm starting to see,
I love you.

When I go to sleep at night,
You're the one i want in my arms.

I don't want to imagine my life without you,
Please stay with me, I love you.

I Don't Know You

written 7/3/2005

I don't know you but i love you.

how, how can i love you,cherish you,
know how you feel but i've never met you.

I've never had a personal conversation with you,
I've never laughed with you, or cried with you.

I just don't get how you can love a person
so deeply when you don't know them, never have met them.

I would give anything to know you,
laugh with you,
have an actual conversation with you,

But life is a mystery I'll never know about
, and I guess though i don't know you,
I can love you anyways,

That's the way it is.

My Sunshine

(Wrote this Sophomore year of highschool)

Before she came we weren't having fun,
Since we were waiting so long.
But then she came, and there she was,

With her we played and fun we had
to last the whole night through,
Throughout the time we played, it
was truly wonderful.

Despite the fact it was coming to an end, it would be remembered,
because she was there.
As though it's the greatest day ever,
I enjoyed it.

For me when I'm with her, she
brightens up my day, like the sun in the sky.
Against the winds will we played,
Behind us she stood.

But I knew she was there,
For that, it made me feel better,
it brightened up my day.

She will always be My Sunshine.


(From Highschool)

I know what it's like to be in love.

Though I'm young I do,
Sometimes I wish i didn't because it's so painful,

I wish that love could be like it is in the movies,
so perfect,
but it's not,

You get your heart broken,
You get hurt,
And then you regret loving.

I guess love is good.

Find the one who's right for you and love them,
and you'll be cool.


(this one is super weird)

All the friends i've ever known have been there in a way,
whether it was stealing,talkinging, lying, sulking, all of those are 'A-Okay',

I don't like being used but sometimes it can't be stopped,
I love the friends that all you do is hang out and talk.

The bestest friends I've ever known were always there for me,
I'll always be there for them too, I swear, and invite them to a tea!


(from highschool):

Pain shoots through me
like a bullet from a gun,

I'm waiting desperately to get attention from someone,
the pain I feel is nothing too severe,

But you just wait and see
and listen to what you hear,

cries and whispers going on and off,

If only this pain stuff would go somewhere,
far away, away from me,


That Smile

I found an old Poem notebook that i had in Highschool and i thought i'd post some of the poems here:

That Smile

Dear Smile on that face
What exactly do you embrace?
What kind of mood do you show,
Do you even exactly know?

What kind of thoughts are in your mind,
I'm thinking there are lots of kinds.

That smile shows how you must feel,
well i bet that's real.