Friday, January 25, 2008


Written 12/3/07

My head is pounding, I want this to end, I want it all to go away,
There is so much more to do and I’m sick of it,
Can you tell?

One more night, but I can make it, I think about you here with me,
It feels real almost as if you are really here with me, I can feel your presence.

This scares me but I know the truth, you are here.
Not next to me but in my heart. This feeling is so strong, I think I like it.

This may be something to live for, the feeling of being close with someone and to have someone to understand your feelings. Understand who you are and all of your flaws.

I am finally accepted. And I except who you are.
It has been like this the moment that I set my eye on you. The first time we spoke.
I remember I told you that I thought you were amazing and this still holds true.
You are too good to be true and that is why I love you.

So now the pounding in my head is gone, I am happy and feel good. Thanks Angel.

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