Sunday, April 20, 2008

Crazy things that happen

Life can work in crazy ways at times.
You meet someone and don't know what kind of effect that they will have on your life.
After you talk to them for a bit it's like you can never get enough of it.
It's like each moment in the day that they are not around you are missing them.
It seems as if there is no one else that you would rather talk to and you wish that
there were more hours in the day to spend on talking to them.

Life has changed and you never knew how much until you met this person. You haven't felt this way in a long time and you like the feeling and you don't want it to go away.
You are happy and you finally have a reason to be.
You have developed a love for this person in your heart and you are not really sure how to tell them.
You are not sure how to express the way that you feel without them being freaked out or thinking that you may scare them away.
You will find a way and this person will know how you feel.
This person will tell you how they feel and secretly you are hoping it is the same way.
You will know someday and may the happiness grow.
And they will know.
You know.

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