Friday, January 25, 2008

One Call Away

Written 12/3/07

I pick up the phone and listen,
No one is there.
I want to hear your voice, but all I hear is the dial tone.

I can imagine you sitting there, thinking and having fun,
I want to be there too.

A thought comes to my mind and I grab the phone once more,
I put it on my ear and listen.
Still the dial tone.

I take it from my ear and bring it down, I dial a number.
After a few rings you answer, you say hello but I am so stunned by your voice that I’m stuck and can’t say anything.
After a moment I say hello. I wait for your response but all I get is a laugh,
It makes me smile and I feel sudden happiness inside me.

After all those moments of missing you and wishing that I was with you, I finally did realize that you are only one call away.
So the next time that i get the feeling, I’ll just pick up the phone and dial that number.

I’ll look forward to hearing your voice, the one that makes me most happy, the most beautiful of all and it’s yours.

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