Wednesday, January 24, 2024


Silence surrounds me like a comfy blanket. 
No words are needed in this moment
to have understanding between two people.
Completed thoughts and conversations come and go,
but that’s OK because words aren’t always needed.

 The company I share the room with
makes me feel safe and welcome
the feeling hits me like a rock hits a window,
shattering it to pieces.

My pieces are bricks
in the wall I’ve been building all my life
to keep me safe.
Relief feels warm in my soul
like the love I feel for the ones I love.

To feel truly understood is like learning to walk,
something new yet exciting
that can help me move and grow.

My mind stops racing 
and feels calm.
In that moment
I know that things will be OK.

I have a bright light in my life
 and that light is you.

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