Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Quiet Mind

My mind is quiet while the room around me screams,  people talking and babies crying, legos clinking and the tv singing a song to its toddler audience .

My mind is quiet with thoughts of the past, the smiles and the laughs, the songs and the stories.

My mind is quiet thinking of how much i could use a hug to make things seem so much better, to take some stress away.

My mind is quietly calming me down,  preparing me to go with the flow and work as hard as i can. 

My mind is quiet with thoughts of what i can do to make you proud, to keep the boat afloat.

My mind is quiet until someone says "can you grab this for me in a medium" and i snap out of my mind and smile and stand tall and walk with my head up all the while still thinking of how much i miss you.

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