Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Someday, Maybe


Strong body but tired mind,
Young in body but old in soul.
I live my life day today and week by week,
What has to be done to stay afloat,
to survive in this dog eat dog world
Where money is everything and if you don't have plenty you're living paycheck to paycheck.
The uncertainty of when things can and will happen in a life that we are told we have control over.
I have control over little.
I can control my attitude
I can control the respect I give to others
When I go to sleep or when I'm hungry.
I can't control what others judge about me,
if someone doesn't see the potential I have.
This life I'm  living is not the one I'd pick for myself in my late twenties.
A woman of nearly thirty has her life put together and is on the right path she chose. Right?
Not this time.
I have a passion to inspire others, but I have to do in on my own time.
Some day, maybe things will work out,
Maybe I'll  live in a spacious place with the people I love the most,
my fur baby and I cuddling on the weekends when I have my only chance to sleep in.
Maybe, just maybe, some day maybe, I'll feel whole.

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